please kindly give me a sample of a motivation letter for admission in a masters program
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hello Guest,

Have a look in the writing section. You may find something there.
Need to write a letter to Insurance Company to motivate a claims payment. Client do not have proof of ownershp.


First Claim

Present given to client by her sister.

Please help.
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As Abbie said in an earlier post, you should ask about this in the Writing Forum.

I have a couple of brief comments. First, motivate a claims payment does not seem like a clear phrase to me. Do you mean you want to make a claim?

Second, what is the claim for? Did an elephant sit on the client's present? Was it hit by lightning? In other words, you are not giving us much information about the nature of the problem.

Best wishes, Clive
please, i wish to write a motivation letter to a non profit organisation.the post of a country finance manager.

Startt by writing what you would say if you were talking to the person.

Then post it here and we will help you with it.

Best wishes, Clive
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if you want to know how to write motivation letter for getting admission then email me at <email address removed by mod. Please register and add it to your profile.>
I am doing my masters in Italy so I think probably you can find some good and new tips from me.

good luck

Why don't you post your good and new tips here in the forum so everyone can benefit from them?
hai rajeev i want a sample m.l for applying masters in holland please do the needfull yaar
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