1. Please do not make personal attacks on other members when their views differ from yours. Any such posts will be deleted.

2. Be aware that English Forums welcomes members from all religions and all nations. There are likely to be local conflicts between those religions and nations from time to time. We do not expect members to pursue those conflicts in these forums. We do expect members to treat all other members courteously and with respect.

3. Remember that this is a forum for the study of English. Put it into words, not pictures. Graphic or disturbing images are likely to be deleted.

4. Do not copy large chunks of text from other websites. Say what you have to say in your own words. Any uncredited quotations will be deleted.

5. Avoid links to other sites. Once your readers go to another website, they'll never come back to finish your post.

6. The posting of identifiable personal material is often a cause of later regret. Remember that your posts here are likely to remain accessible via Google for a very long time, and that your comments may one day surface in an unexpected non-virtual context (such as an interview for a job).

7. Lastly, remember that brief, reasonable, undogmatic posts are much more likely to win over your adversaries than page upon page of angry, abusive, irrational, mispelled, multi-coloured propaganda in emboldened CAPITAL LETTERS with ever-increasing fonts and MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.


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