Life is so weird. That Even Guinness World Records has records (it) doesn't know

Check my sentence and say me whether is it correct?

Should i write "it"?

Matthew.90Should i I write "it"?
Yes, if you correct the sentence. I don't know why you started with "That".

Even Guinness World Records has records it doesn't know about.

I don't know exactly what that means, but it's a correct sentence.

Matthew.90you get it now?
Yes. Here's how to say that:

A lot of records have been set that not even Guinness World Records knows about.

Here's another way:

People have set a lot of records that even Guinness World Records doesn't know about.

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I mean

In world a lot of people have a lot of records. Guinness World Records Even doesnt know them

you get it now?

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