Some people believe that the public should be able to keep guns for protection. Others believe that guns should be illegal. What is your opinion about wearing guns?
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wearing a gun is not a problem I think, nevertheless I think that government should take care of who wears guns. Sometimes questionnaires are not enoughtthey should have test (and most of all psychology test), and look at the past of the considering person.
In the other hand because more and more people are afraid in this society, they would like to protect themselves and their families. Can't they use too easily guns? Before shooting when u feel in danger you cannot think, and THIS can be dangerous!
We don't live to kill each other. guns should be removed from public use. Criminals who use guns should be shut away in jails. even when using guns to protect themselves, ordinary people are susceptible to become criminals one day if they use them. I can't imagine a world where every household would be in possesion of guns, where fear would be omnipresent and threats of bullets flying above our heads.
special section are trained to use such weapons and understand the consequences of such uses, such as the army or the police. they should be the only one allowed to carry guns and use them if necessary. Ordinary people don't have the same reflexion and training and would tend to use them without considering the dangers and consequences.
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I don't own any guns myself, but I believe that many gun-control efforts are missing the point. The guns themselves aren't the problem, it's the people who use them. To shoot another person is both morally wrong (lest it's self-defense) and illegal. Were someone to make the decision to go ahead and kill a human being, I highly doubt that the legality of their weapon would enter into their decision. In other words, to shoot a person with a gun is against the law, and making it illegal for them to own a gun is just creating another law for them to break, not deterring them.
The "Young Californian" is correct. After retiring from the police department of a large city after 30 years I can assure you the police cannot be omnipresent to protect you. The US Constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment. It doesn't say you must, but it says you may bear arms subject to the laws of your state. When people advocate banning guns they infringe on the rights of others to ensure their personal protection, as well as infringe on the rights of others to indulge in shooting sports. This protected right should not be taken lightly for in every dictatorship, citizens are denied this right.
Yes, the US does indeed have the Second Amendment. However, if we look at the question more internationally, we see other democratic countries, such as Britain and Canada, which have not gone down that road but whose citizens have adequate protection. Moreover, the USA, despite this so-called higher level of personal protection, has much higher levels of gun-related violence. I would suggest that the prevalence of guns increases rather than diminishes the level of violence in a given society.
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It may appear that the absence of guns in other countries is the reason for less violence, however the lack of other personal freedom plays a roll. Other countries have different systems of criminal justice.
In other countries a person is considered guilty and must prove they are not guilty, search and seizure law allow police to gather evidence easily, keeping felons behind bars. In the US strict rules of search and seizure result in felons going free. The liberal criminal procedural
and sentencing rules keep offenders on the streets instead of prison.
To say that guns are responsible for a perceived the level of violence is like saying that power saws are responsible for cutting off fingers.

Hi Frank,
I still think that there are important lessons to be learned by looking more internationally at the problem.

You are making some very broad and unqualified statements about other countries. Sure, there are dictatorships in the world, but there are also countries that are as democratic as the USA. I'm sure you are not suggesting that Britain or Canada have a greater lack of personal freedom than the USA, or that their citizens are considered guilty until proven innocent. My understanding is that such countries are able to sustain democracy without guns and are unable to understand why the USA feels it can't do the same.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts,
Americans took up arms against the British to obtain their independence. Perhaps that's why the right to bear arms has become part of the American psyche.

Not saying it's right or wrong; just making an observation.
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