Hi guys,

Can you please help me with this situation? A guy tries to invite a girl on date. But she refused his offer...she said:

I'm not trying to flatter myself, I know you're just being nice, I don't want to read into this. I've just worked way too hard to be
here, to screw it up by getting personal.
(they both are members of SWAT team)

Please what does it mean "I don't wanna read into this?". Did she say that she doesn't want to make a scene?

many thanks in advance

Best Regards

I saw that scene, but I don't think that's exactly what she said. It was something like "I don't want you to read more into this."

The expression "reading between the lines" means you see the meaning that was intended but not explicity stated.

In saying not to "read more into this," she means "don't look for meaning that isn't there."
Thanks GG for explanation. Yeah, after I read that sentence in subtitles I had a hunch that it wasn't correct transcript of what she said. But I wasn't sure.Thanks again.

Best Regards
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What do you think of that show? The first one was a realy downer. The second one, with the kid needing the heart transplant, ended as well as could be hoped for. I'm afraid that a show like that requires that the characters have a strong inter-personal bond, and that seem instead to have relied on using stereotypes. The tough but pretty girl; the hot-headed, good looking guy with a troubled past; the father-like seargant. They need to make them more into real people, I think.
Hi GG,

Although I have seen just first three episodes of this new show from Canada, I can say that Flashpoint is great show. I love the scenes when that SWAT team, which this show is all about, is practising. All the stuff in there looks realistic. I mean their MP5 machine guns, DDs, flashbangs...Really cool! What I can't wrap my head around is why the script-writers are trying to show personal live of the members of that SWAT team. I don't get it, because in that moments the quality of that show is falling down, like you said. But when they're showing aspects of that SWAT team's work, I'm really enjoying it! Btw the English in there is really hard...:-(( There is a lot of US slang, like "c'mon, we should hit it, man..." or "You know about his two homicides? Yeah, how did he beat the rap?"...and so on. Sometimes I have to stop the video and look into the dictionaries, because I'm really out of what's happening in there..:-))...

Best regards to Pennsylvania!

Well, you're right. When they are showing work-related stuff, it's cool. When they do the personal stuff, they're not good at it. Maybe they should just concentrate on the cool stuff. I can imagine it's hard to follow! Since I watch it too (though not the 3rd episode) feel free to ask about what you don't understand.
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She could mean she doesn't care to know anymore details from this guy about his feelings for her. It's possible she still feels attracted to him but realizes her professional career might be at stake should they become involved with each other.