I have been searching the web for an sample letter on how to write a gymnastics sponsorship letter for the 12 year old daughter. In the past my mother has help me with all of her expenses, she has since pasted and I am looking for help from the business community. Her season begins in Dec. and ends in April and she is a level 7 gymnast. Assessment fees are approx. $1,500 and travel to Texas and and various in state cities are approx. $1,600. I continue to pay her monthly tuition. She is a wonderful little girl who lives to go to the gym. Can you help me write a letter?
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Dear Guest,

Do you know of any companies that might be interested in sponsoring your daughter?

Do you have any idea for a draft letter? Your letter is difficult because usually companies like to get something in return. In other words, I will sponsor your event if you give me some free advertising or something else in return.

As an idea, talk to your local Chamber of Commerce. Try to get to one of the head officials and talk to him or her personally. In other words, do not talk over the phone, but rather in person. See if they know of a sporting goods company, health clubs, or whatever that might be interested in assisting.

If you have some ideas for your letter, we can certainly try to help. But right now, we don't have much to work with.

Also, you should register and pick a name. When you come back, you might wish to visit Formal, General & Business Letter Writing. It is the business writing forum, and your message probably belongs there.

We look forward to assisting you.

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Dear MountainHiker,

Thank you for your sincere attention to my thread.

I will rewrite my letter in forum 5. Yes, there is a banner advertising program at the gym. The cost of having the 3 x 5 banner printed is deducted from the donation(min.$300). The banner in return is hung on the walls of the gym for 2,000 plus families to see.

Again, thank you.

Hi Hometeacher,

I look forward to seeing you Forum 5, the business writing forum.

Still, try to talk to the local Chamber of Commerce Folks. There still might be some creative ideas besides the local banner program.

Again, I look forward to seeing your messages.

I am going to include you and your request in my search for a sponsor....my daughter just turned l5. Due to a Custody problem, I was not able to participate in my daughters Gymnastics. I have just now gotten back in the saddle and I am on the go to gather all info to help my daughter and any other young athletes or young people who are willing to keep trying in an incredible difficult world.
Money and Connections are the only way to access the opportunities for these young people. I was successful as High School Gynmastics Coach in the Washington State Area.
Now, that I am located in the Oregong Area, I will begin my search for our young folks.
If you choose to give me more info about yourself, your location, and pics of your daughter I will exchange with you and we can support one another. Good-Luck!!
Hope to hear from you soon!
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I'm jumping in because I have a similar delima. I have an incredible 11 year old gymnast that made the "honor roll" this quarter. She will be competing Level 9 in September. I'm a single parent living in New Orleans and struggling to pay for this expensive, yet rewarding sport for my daughter. Sponsorship dollars are hard to come by these days since Hurricane Katrina. There are so many priorities corporate sponsors have above a gym or a gymnast. Does anyone have any creative idea's? I will be happy to provide information on my daughter, the gym, the coach, etc... Thank you so much!!!
I have 3 gymnast! One level 6, one level 7, and one level 8. I'm sure you can guess what a stressful financial stitution it keeps my family in. I currently work three different jobs just to keep things afloat so they can live their dreams. I to was a former gymnast and had no idea I would have four daughters and three, ages 10, 12 and 14, would end up living, eating and breathing gymnastics! We as parents do try to give our children their dreams but as you all agree it is extreamly difficult with this economy. If you should know of any great ways to get donations I am desperately trying to figure out how to get donations/sponsors for my level 8 gymnast to go to a meet with her group in Jan. to Mexico. She is a awsome gymnast and has placed second in our state of VA on the bars a few times over the years and in the top 5 all around. Thanks for any input.


Name withheld by mod.

This year, I find that various fund raisers help. At the gym that my daughter attends decided to do a fund raiser a month. We've sold cookie dough and candles, so far. Get with the companies that give back a percentage. It will go towards your daughter's account. It really helps. I'm also trying to get them to do carwashes. Those proceeds will go entirely to the gym and divided among those who participated. I think it's a great way to get the gymnasts and the parents to help out. Good luck!

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