Do you know that film"Hachi(A Dog's Tale)"? Have you watched that? If you haven't watched yet, I want to argue you to watch that. It is really nice and sad movie. I cried a lot after I have watched the ending part. Emotion: crying. It is a very sad movie for pet lovers. Please share your feeling here.
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Hey GuGu. Hi.

These days i'm just looking for a little happiness, you know. So i'm out of it to watch this movie.

And as i know, i think you should say "I suggest you to watch it" istead of "I want to argue you to watch that". But i don't know whether your sentence is right or wrong.

Any way, i wish a happy life for you and for all the people in all over the world.

Bye GuGu.
hamed4niloui wish a happy life for you and for all the people in all over the world
I wish you the same thing, hamed!

Frogfish, I saw it and I loved that movie! It is about a real story, bout a real dog. Dogs are incredible creatures!
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Thank you very much. Pray for me I'm in trouble these days.

Yes,Audray, Hachi is really clever and faithful dog.
hamed4nilou Pray for me
I'm sorry to hear that! I'll pray for you my friend!Be careful then and take good care of you!
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Good Luck,Hamed,brother. Hope your girl and you are ok as soon as possible.
Thank you all.

Hey GuGu I'll watch that movie. Emotion: wink

sure.... I will watch...
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