Zdenko Tomanovic told reporters Mr Milosevic had complained of "strong drugs in his system only used for treating leprosy or tuberculosis".

Dutch TV cited an unnamed source saying such traces were found in his blood.

An autopsy is under way on the indicted former Yugoslav president, who died on Saturday. He had had heart problems.

UN chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte has refused to comment on claims that Mr Milosevic could have been poisoned or committed suicide.

"Until we have precise results [from the autopsy] it's rumours," Ms del Ponte told journalists.

A Serbian doctor is observing the autopsy.

Is it correct to say he had had heart problems? I would write he had heart problems.

Your comments are welcome.
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"He had had heart problems" and "He had heart problem" are different things.

when you say "He had heart problem" it's past simple tense which means it happened in the past.

and when you say "He had had heart problem" it's past perfect simple and by saying that you mean the he hadheart problems before something. before he died.

you use past perfect simple tense when you want to say that something happend before something else in the past.
The Viper, I am quite aware of what you have said.

The difference is in the past perfect and simple past tense.

Is it correct to use here?
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I don't understand your question.

I think that he died after he had had herat problems.
"He had had heart problems" means "He had suffered from heart problems continuously or repeatedly before he died". If the reporter's comment were simply "He had heart problems", one might take it as "He suffered from heart problems only when he died".

The Viper didn't get my point. However, it is correct to use the past perfect in this context. This is the point I want to know from the horse's mouth.

He couldn't buy a new computer yesterday.

Because he had some financila problems.

Would you write the following today?

He couldn't buy a new computer yesterday because he had had financial difficulties.
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Hello Rex

I'm sorry but I think I have to say that your sentence seems a bit illogical to me. The direct cause of "I could not buy a computer" might be "I had financial problems at the moment I wanted to buy the computer", not "I had had financial problems before the time I wanted to buy the computer". So I think "I could not buy a computer yesterday because I had financial problems" is better in this case.

On the other hand "I could not kiss my girlfriend yesterday because I had eaten a lot of raw garlic" sounds natural. It is because in this case "I" did not eat a lot of raw garlic at the moment when "I" wanted to kiss the girl, but "I" had eaten it before I wanted to kiss her.


I like your humorous reply.

I couldn't buy a computer yesterday because I had financial problems. This is absolutely correct.

Mr. M was a heart patient.
He died yesterday.

Today you could write the episode in past perfect. [ He had had heart problems.]

I had financial problems for sometime.
Yesterday I wanted to buy a new computer.

Can't I write the past perfect today to describe this?
I think you can say like this: "Although I had had financial problems for a long time since my father's death, yesterday I bought a new computer with 1000 Kr I had won in last week's lottery."

As to "He died yesterday. He had had heart problems", it is fine. As you say, "He had had heart" is told just as one of his episodes, not as the direct cause of his death.

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