Is it correct to use "had have" in a sentence?
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hi dear,

Using Had has is grammatical incorrect as it denotes the past perpect. So.this is better to use had had as past perfect and have/ has had as present perfect,in case
Is it correct to use I have had in a sentence to clarify additional
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AnonymousIs it correct to use I have had in a sentence
Yes. But it is not correct to use had have.
Isn't it have had rather than had have?
>> I have had it enough!
>> I have had so much food made.
>> I have had 2 kids with me.
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yes you can, don't discount conversational English, it's more authentic than your text books.

condition if + subject + past aux + present aux + v (pp)

result subject/object + past modal + v (base)

This conditional ads an extra verb tense to English between past perfect and present perfect


(had + present perfect) (past modal + present perfect)
no...but have had is okay..it should be 'have/has + past participle of verb'..like i've just had my dinner...but never had have...
Modals: She has to work. Put into negative, question and past using have to =

She doesnt have to work hard. Does she hav e to work hard? She didnt have to work hard.

The last sentence is past which also could be written = She had to work hard.

So, why didnt?

I can't think of a case where you'd use 'had have'. But you can use 'have had' and 'had had'.

Best wishes, Clive

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Sorry, I don't understand what your question is.

If you are asking about 'She had to work hard', that's correct. I didn't say it wasn't correct.

Best wishes, Clive
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