My son, a grade 7 student in a French school, is struggling with English grammar. Unfortunately, on this one, his English speaking mother cannot decide which is correct.
He must decide which to use: "...she had run the whole way" or ".....she had ran the whole way". They both seem plausible to me. HELP!!!!!!
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'Ran' is simple past tense: She ran home.

'Run' is past participle: She had run home.
What about this sentence:

"Once completed, a checksum process is ran/run before, and after the transfer on each file in order to ensure integrity."

run or ran?

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The correct answer is - run.
The verb "run" is an irregular verb: run ran run.
After arresting the suspect, the police ran a background check on him. Ran - is used as an active verb in simple past tense.

A criminal background was run on the suspect after the arrest by the police. Was run -is a passive construction meaning a criminal record verification process was done on the suspect.
good answer geebeens
good answer
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Excuse me:I was wondering who was the educated idiot that thought English grammar is not important. Now, that English grammar is not taught properly and with emphasis in schools, many young people are not able to communicate properly. There is a big difference between Had run and Had ran. Look up the meaning of tenses. Time and Action/Thought are link together. To say parts of Chevy fits Ford is to say that mechanics have a great understanding of automobiles. Would you take your car to a mechanic with that understanding?, therefore, it is ok to say all tenses are the same. Who cares. English is a beautiful language. If we leave it up to the individual: than=then, your=you're, your=ur, hair=her, eye=I, buy=by, student's=students', he is=he has= he was= he's. English grammar should and must be taught properly. Grammatical terminology is foreign to many American students. That is why Americans are ignorant of their own language. Use grammar terminology at the college/university level and many students are lost. Professors are having a hard time now days understanding students' compositions.Znk u.
Next thing we'll know is that we will be writing like we text right now:
"how u doin'? ttyl, brb..." and that would also be considered acceptable in the future?!?
I am a young immigrant who learned English at the age of 16. I was an ESL, ELL, TESOL (whatever-you-want-to-call-it-nowadays) student. It was difficult learning all the grammatical deviation from English but it was important to learn how to read and write English correctly, that's if you would like to hold important positions in this country (I am now a Teacher and I will become a Principal soon). Therefore, it is worthy to preserve and inform others regarding proper English.
Geebeens ,what you explained that is perfect.
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Which way had he run?

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