My son, a grade 7 student in a French school, is struggling with English grammar. Unfortunately, on this one, his English speaking mother cannot decide which is correct.
He must decide which to use: "...she had run the whole way" or ".....she had ran the whole way". They both seem plausible to me. HELP!!!!!!
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Actually, Number (1) should be: He had gone to the party. We go, We went, We have gone....

I think had enough is possible
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It is has run as it sounds better than has ran.If it sounds terrible it is

is had ran correct or had run ??

The correct answer was already given more than 15 years ago.

It's the first answer in the thread.

Why not read the thread before asking the same question again?


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She had run the whole way.

Wow great

She has run 38 marathons is correct. When you use has or had it would be run rather than ran. You could also say she ran 38 marathons, without using the has.

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