Clark: You're saying Kara's actually on Krypton?

Chloe: Well, Krypton 1989...give or take a few light-years.

Clark: That explains how her message mysteriously
appeared in Swann's journal. She sent it to him,
hoping that I'd read it.

Chloe: It sounds more like a Hail Mary pass. Last chance?
Clark, if she sent those messages
to Swann and the Fortress that means Kara's desperate
to get your attention.
Last, and desperate, chance, one without a big chance of succeeding. An American football expression. Sometimes when the buzzer is about to blow ending a football game (or ending the first half) if the losing team is in possession of the ball, their quarterback will throw a high, long pass deep into the opposing teams' territory, on the very slim chance that someone will be in a position to catch it and run it in for a touchdown. Such plays are very dramatic when they succeed. Emotion: smile


(if you don't want to plow through the whole thing, start watching at about 1:30)
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I'm sorry - in my eagerness to find an appropriate video I neglected to explain the term itself. Not sure who came up with it first, but the idea is that the player says a quick "Hail Mary" prayer as he throws the ball. "Hail Mary," or "Ave Maria," is a well-known prayer said by Roman Catholics, so the expression might have had its start at a Catholic college or university with a big football program, such as Notre Dame University.
Thank you so much for the nice and thorough explanation, D!
It was my pleasure. I loved the fact that a football play twenty-five years old could still make my heart beat faster Emotion: smile

The expression "Hail Mary pass" seems to be in wide use these days. I'm betting you see it somewhere else in the next couple of days.
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