What's the meaning of half-board and full-board in hotel's lingo?

thanks in advance
'Half-board' appears to be two meals (no lunch), while 'full-board' is three meals supplied.
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Half board includes breakfast and either lunch OR dinner

Full board includes all three meals.

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Half board is breakfast and 1 other meal usuall evening meal whereas full board is all 3 meals
OK... I know for a fact some do include local drinks when it come to full board!!!
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Half-board in hotel lingo means when you lodge in a hotel and pay only for breakfast and dinner while full-board means you will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner during your stay.

Hope this is useful.
so it doesnt include drinks then?
AnonymousSo it doesn't include drinks then?

An all-inclusive holiday includes three meals a day, poolside snacks and free local alcoholic drinks.

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