U2 was supposed to make a video of a song and before they recorded it Bono said: I had a character in mind, who was just a little half-cocked, a kind of uber-Bono.

--- What does "half-cocked" here mean?

Generally speaking, incompletely prepared, although the exact meaning about the character in your sentence is not colmpletely clear to me.

I bieve the image is from an old-fashioned revolver, where you have to pull the hammer back with your thumb in order to fire.

You pull it back a little, to the first position. It's half-cocked.

You pull it back all the way, to the 'ready' position. It's fully cocked.

Then you can shoot.

If the gun fires in the half-cocked position, it is said to have 'gone off half-cocked', ie it has taken action without sufficient preparation. That's an idiomatic expression.

eg Tom got angry with Mary before he had all the facts. He went off half-cocked.

Best wishes, Clive
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Hi Clive!

So maybe that sentence means: I wanted to play a certain character in this video, he was supposed to be a Super-Bono, but I think my idea lacked mature consideration/it wasn't prepared well enough (was half-cocked).

Could be.

thanks Clive!
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