What kind of pan is a half sheet pan. I googled it but it seems to be an ordinary pan. No trace of sheets, whatsoever. Why half?
You can see and buy one [url="http://ww5.williams-sonoma.com/cat/pip.cfm?src=pipcbkwspci%7Cgb039%7Ck%7Cpcbkwspci%7Cs&sid=WSE19LZWQWXITE1MRVWGM7YRLSY1CAMW200505030345&refurl=&pkey=cbkwspci&gids=b039&ftest=1&cmreferrer=&cm%5Fven=WS&cm%5Fpla=SiteMap&cm%5Fite=Products&cm%5Fcat=General&bnrid=3100117&flash=on"]HERE[/url]
Antonia - a "sheet cake" is a big flat cake cut into squares, as opposed to a "layer cake" which has several layers of cake and filling. A "full sheet pan" is the size a bakery would use to bake a really big flat cake, and a half-sheet pan is probably the biggest flat pan that would fit in most home ovens.
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Or is baking sheet used syonymously for baking dish here?
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Thanks Mr Micawber
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I found later that hal-sheet is smaller (of course) than full size. Thanks Khoff