Some people think computers are more important in education. Others believe teachers play a more important role. Discuss both views

Opinions diverge on the essential of computers and teachers in education. While some people think that computers account for higher rank in education, the others have opposite view. I will discuss both views in this essay.

On the one hand, computers bring a great number of advantages in education. Firstly, computers accesed the Internet are computes that can connect to almost computers in the world. As a result, using these computers, students can get information quicker and more exact. If they use books or ask teacher to get information, it will be hard and even incorrect. Secondly, with computers, students can easily to learn online, which leads to a variety of limitless opportunities for children. For example, boys and girls lived in remote areas do not have chance to go to class, the computers help them to approach academic knowledge. If they go to school everyday, everytime like students in urban areas, they will be lack of time to earn for life.

On the other hand, teachers also help students to broaden the knowledge by their way. To begin with, teachers and students are all human so in the process of teaching and learning, there will be interaction between two of them, which helps students to be encouraged. For instance, when students doing something well, teachers will give them praises and even presents. If everytime students just stay in front of the computers, it will be bored. Moreover, teachers and students meet the others everyday. Consequently, teachers knows what is advantages and what is disadvantage of their students. This allow teachers to help their students to continue doing right things and stop doing wrong. As a result, students will be more and more developing.

Whether they are computers or teachers, there are important contributions in education.



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