Is it OK to ask: Do you handle all these exercises that the teacher gives us each lesson? Can I also say: Do you cope with.....?


She didn't hit upon the idea of buying us this medicine as well? ---is it alright?

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Can you handle ...? Do you feel capable of doing the exercises?
Can you cope with ... ? This is somewhat unidiomatic to my ear. We "cope with" situations that distress us in some way, like having too much work to do with unreasonable deadlines. We don't usually use the words "cope with" for lessons, exercises, tasks, duties, etc. Well, I don't, anyway.

And, as changed above, I would use can, not do.
She didn't hit upon the idea of ...
It seems all right to me. But I don't know why you have a question mark at the end.

Thank you CalifJim!