Oliver: (Finding Kara trapped) So what does it say?

Kara: That a balance must exist between light and darkness,

and to wield the bow's power and save the world,

hands must first right the scales' two sides. Balance the two sides?

Oliver: "Hands must first right the scales' two sides." If this guy Orion
was so concerned about balancing everything out, (Put everything into balance?) maybe we just need to add
to one side of the scale. Weigh on one of the sides?

Kara: No. I considered that, but the Omega is a symbol
of darkness, of the enemy.

Oliver: So I've heard. I'm just thinking
that if I touch it, maybe a balance
will be struck. (There will be a balance?) Or we could be stuck down here
for centuries. Your call.


Kara: Thank you.

Oliver: You're welcome. Just took an extra hand (She needed him as well to balance it?)
to balance it -- that's all.

I believe there is an old English saying "He had his hand on the pan"

For example, your mum sends you to get a pound of flour. The shopkeeper weighs it out but, slyly, keeps a finger on the weighing pan so that you do not get a full measure

When you get home, your mum, seeing that you have not got a full pound, says "He must have had his hand on the pan"

I think that is the metaphor used here. Oliver is saying "We're going to have to cheat a little here". Kara is saying "No - we are fighting against the powers of darkness - we must not cheat"

That would be my reading

Regards, Dave

Hi Dave,

The wording I grew up with is 'He had his thumb on the scale'.Emotion: smile

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Thanks for that Clive - you are right

Thank you, Dave and Clive!