Right now I'm not very happy, although I can always smile! Emotion: sad I did have some misunderstandings with my father... he really doesn't understand me at all).

Yet, for me - a happy girl - happiness is somewhat simple. Surely, I'm happy when I'm not hungry ('cause when I'm hungry, I can't do anything Emotion: stick out tongue). I'm happy when I have my friends around. I'm happy when I know that someone is thinking about me and I'm happy when I gain some achievements. Maybe that's not enough, but... believe me, most of the time... I'm happy and always smile!!! I'm carefree enough to be happy... just don't think anything really seriously and you'll know! Emotion: wink

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Posted: May 12, 3:12 AM [GMT 1]
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Fully agree with you Robyn and everybody all in the varities of happiness; under beautiful weather with somebody speaking sweet, walking under the rain with somebody, fulfil the hunger, good health, good relationship and peace. All are our life style, I am really happy with them too. Sometime, we can't stay in peace all the time because of work, business or in problems. For my opinion to capture the happiness back in to our life is to come back to our own spirit than searching from outside that ever make much more tired.
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yeah, happiness is so simple.. that is have job when you need a job... eat when you are hungry... and have shoulder when you cry... so simple, happiness is which you can do when you want...and you get what you need
no,imo happiness is not that simple at all. it cannot be specified only to eating or whatever.

there many things that although i am craving for but i cant achieve,i cant reach.

so the hapiness that you have mentioned is just temporary.but the bliss is very very far away. at least for me.

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You know, Jan, I can't agree with you again... Happiness is easy and it doesn't depend on any outward conditions. Emotion: wink

P.S. Now you may stop being bored because we've found another topic for arguing... [6]
LOL Ruslana. I dont want to discuss but I cant endure.Anyway,I give up. You are right. Hapiness is simple and independent of any outward condition Emotion: stick out tongue
Wow, I won! Emotion: stick out tongue
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Well, as a personal perspective I don't see happiness that simple. Most of the time you need to work hard to reach this stage espicially when u have a goal that you want to achieve. One the other hand there is a big difference between feelling happy and being smile.It's always good to smile even if you are not happy from inside. What ever, I think I have to smile and to be happy since this my first post Emotion: smile
Happniess doesn't make any sense to me. For me, the real thing is Peace of mind and peace of heart
For happiness, I think the most important thing is to be satisfied abt the present, maybe you r in ur depression, but just try to think of ur future as bright and hopeful and...and do ur best now.

For me, I think happiness = getting on smoothly with ur friends and family.
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