Emotion: whisper A little bird told me......(actually it wasn't a little bird..... )
May 18 is Mike's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Mike in Japan!! Emotion: cake

Big Bird
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Happy Birthday to you from us all!
Awwwww ... Thanks folks Emotion: smile

Dear guest ... Thanks Emotion: smile Your remembering my Birthday is really sweet. I think I know who you are ...
I hope your afternoon is not too difficult Emotion: smile

Thank you too Maj, I have a smile from ear to ear Emotion: smile
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Feliz cumpleaños, Mike! Emotion: smile)

Gracias mucho mi amigo!
Happy birthday, Mike!!

I hope you have a great day today.......!!
[8] Members, how about singing a song for him? Emotion: wink
Maybe with some beer?

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That is a brilliant idea!
Many happy returns from all in Malta.
Thanks very much to all!
I think this has been my most international birthday ever. Emotion: smile
Now it is time to go home for dinner and beers!
Thanks again, I'm chuffed!
Bye for now
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