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Hi there,
Just wondering if it's grammatically correct to write, "Have a Happy Birthday!" or is "Have a happy birthday!" more appropriate?

Thank you! 
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Follow these general guidelines.
Capitalize the phrase when you simply say the two words to someone, eg 'Happy Birthday, Mary!'.
Don't capitalize it if it is part of a sentence. eg 'Mary had a happy birthday yesterday.'

Best wishes, Clive
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Dear Clive,
Thank you for the tip! 
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what about "Happy early Birthday" vs. "Happy early birthday"
what about "Happy early Birthday" vs. "Happy early birthday"
Happy early birthday doesn't make sense as a phrase, however you deal with the capital letters, sorry.
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Given that 'birth' and 'day' are two separate and unrelated words; as are 'remembrance' and 'day', for example, and, as with 'Remembrance Day', 'Birthday' is a combination of these two words and thus a given name to a specific event: i.e. someone's birth, so should 'Birthday', as a name, not also be treated as such, recieving a capital letter to start, whenever used, even in everyday conversation?
I would go with Clive's answer going back a few threads.

To capitalize "birthday" as a rule doesn't work for me.
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I appreciate the sentiment actually, having 'happy Birthday' does seem somewhat abnormal, though, looking at it here it's hard to tell. It looks fairly regular, looking at it now. But it is a tough issue!

Thanks a lot for that point!
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