Holi and Dhuleti is a two day spring festival celebrated each year in India. This year Holi begins on the evening of March 24th with bonfires and continues the following day with the festival of colours of Dhuleti. The festival marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring when the earth blossoms again. Colour brightens the landscape and invites a celebration of life. There are different legends surrounding the origins of the festival but today it is a time of fun, celebration, and feeling of spiritual and social harmony.
Tossing balloons filled with coloured water is one of the activities seen during the festival. Spraying colored water with a pichkaris (water syringe) or throwing gulal (colored powder) on friends is also a fun way to celebrate.

One of the legends of Holi festival origins comes from Hindu mythology about a young prince named Prahlada and his aunt, Holika, for whom the festival is named.
In the story, Prahlada’s father, evil King Hirankashyap, resented his son being devoted to the god, Lord Vishnu. The King attempts to kill his son many times but Prahlada always survives. In frustration, King orders his sister Holika, who is immune to fire, to take the young prince into the middle of a huge fire. Instead of burning, Prahlada emerges unharmed while Holika’s immunity fails and she dies in the fire. Today the festival includes bonfires being lit on the full moon of the Hindu month, Phagan, to symbolize good triumphing over evil.

Holi is also associated with the immortal love of Lord Krishna and Radha. It is especially honored in the cities of Vrindavan and Mathura where Krishna once housed. In addition to the fun with coloured powder and water, Holi and Dhuleti is celebrated with parades, dances, folk songs, dances and a general sense of joy.
Yea but Holika walked him into a fire but she burnt and the son got away.

His father even tried to get him walked over by an elephant, but the elephant kneeled down beside the son, so the boy was unharmed.

It was over the son worshipping Vishnu instead of his father.

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A very interesting piece of informamtion, thanks eagle. By the way, I've read something about Lord Krishna in an English novel, it's ,' A Passage to India,' for E.M.Forster. The Hindu have plenty of legends and a unique mentality for their philosophy is a bit complex but interesting.Emotion: smile
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Ho as you pronounce Homar in the comics The Simpsons
Li as you pronounce

Ho (pronounced 'hoe') li ('Lee' as in Bruce Lee)
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