Happy new year to all shortly (depending on your relative time-zones!)

Now leave your computer alone and go hang out with people IRL Emotion: big smile

Cheers, and thanks from all of us for another amazing year!
And to yourself Frank. Hope it's a great one for you and your family. Pass my reagrds on to your parents and brothers.
Happy New Year Englishforums!!!

Hope you all have a lot of fun learning and teaching English in 2012 Emotion: smile
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Happy New Year everyone!! Emotion: party
Happy New Year to All the Team!!! Emotion: drinksEmotion: party
The new version is great! )
Yes, the new version is great!
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Thank you a lot & wishing you a very happy new year.really i feel pleased to be in this forum for being able to interact views of different forum members also including you.