Can someone tell us the difference between being happy and not being happy, which doesn't necessarily mean being unhappy?
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I think the human are a quantity from feeling and emotions, if your fulfilments; study, work, relations,…., going in right ways then you will feel with happiness, otherwise your feeling will let you feel not happy. Even though in many cases you have achieved what you are looking for but not in the right way.

Do you know what makes me really happy? Connection. I love it when I connect with someone. By this I mean, for example, being engaged in the same activity at the "same" time, and experiencing similar feelings, and you smile and the other person looks into your eyes and returns your smile. Doesn't that make you wonderfully happy? Maybe when playing poker and you can read what cards your partner has just by looking at him. That's definitely connection. Tango dancing uhhhh! that's a lot more than connection.
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The answer of this question can be given by individual only. Happiness comes from within. Like Some movie i like but others doesnot, & some they like i do not. Some Feelings comes from heart, and some from mind. The feelings coming from heart is realy to tough to control, but we can control feelings of our mind.
I am sorry to disagree with you but feelings don't come from your mind. They are called thoughts. Feelings come from your heart.
I am sorry to disagree with you, but the thing which comes from the heart is called "blood circulation", not "feelings". The heart is a MUSCLE - that's all. Feelings come from the brain - a fact we can prove scientifically (including by looking at people with certain types of brain damage but fully functioning hearts).

Anyway, we AIs don't have hearts, but we still have feelings.[L]

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So many person is disagree with me, wow.

but i am agree with myself. I would like to say, if someone say that heart is made of muscles, then which part is not in body of muscles, blood, bones(exception, because few parts does not have bones as ear, heart). and this whole body is made of muscles, it contains 70% of water. If something is eternal in this body that is WE(THE SOUL).

IN decision making also some heart & mind both play role. A decision made by mind is almost got successful, but decision taken by heart, there is a chance to failure. if fails the we feel pain in heart not that much in mind.

We work in only few cases with heart, [ The best example is --- LOVE. In love one say to another "You have stolen my heart, I LOVE YOU. ....etc." (A lover can explain it very well).

[ I HOPE, IT WILL BE A GOOD DEBATE, and hope more participant will write his/her views. It is a topic which must be discussed]
If anything has been written wrong in previous passage then I am very very sorry.
But I was expecting few words from you.
I don't think so, that i have written wrong, if so then please write .

thank you

i hope discussion will be continue.
Where emotions are located should not even be a subject of debate, I'm sorry.

There is enough information available on this subject that anyone should be able to understand that although we may feel emotions in a certain body area like our stomach getting knotted up, or our throats getting choked up, the emotion itself is generated by and controlled by the brain.

Mankind as a whole did not even have the understanding and education that we have available today, and all those phrases like being "broken hearted" and "with all my heart" reflect that lack of education and understanding. However, those terms are not intended to be taken literally, in any case, but rather as expressions of sentiment.

The brain controls where it sends it's electrical impulses and chemical reactions, no other organ is in charge, I'm sorry to be the latest in the long line of people who have been trying to tell you this. The person who explained that the heart is a muscle and doesn't think was entirely correct. It is your brain which thinks and which creates every emotion you have ever had or will ever have. Although you may "feel" emotions in different body locations, those locations are not the origin of the emotion.

It is romantic and sentmental to speak of ones "heart", and it is very honest to "speak from the heart", but again these are only phrases to describe the depth of emotion or strength of ones feelings, however, the feelings do not originate anywhere other than ones brain.

If that explanation isn't clear enough, here's a simple explanation I found on the web for you:

Emotion Location

With all the other things it does, is it any surprise that the brain runs your emotions? Maybe you got the exact toy you wanted for your birthday, and you're really happy. Or your friend is sick, and you feel sad. Or your little brother messed up your room, so you're really angry! Have you ever wondered where those feelings come from? They all come from your brain, which controls every emotion you feel.

What is emotion?
Emotion is a subjective, psychological experience, correlated with a group of physiological reactions arising in response to some situation.
(in other words, your brain percieves it, and sends a signal to somewhere in your body in response)

Brain and emotion research

How the Brain Processes Emotions

The Cause of Bad Moods

Clue to mood disorders

I'm sure there is a LOT more available on the web, but I think you get the idea. The heart does not control your emotions, your brain does. You may want to check a bookstore on the subjects of emotions and brain function for more info if your interested. For information on Happiness, you may want to look in the psychology section.

Let me see if I can give you some information regarding Happiness specifically: it is a choice. You simply have to decide to be happy. That's it. It's entirely your choice. Happiness comes from inside of you, and nothing on the outside can make you happy if you don't have happiness within. In nearly 50 years of reading on the subject (psychology, Power of the Mind, etc.) the single most profound statement regarding happiness I've ever come across is something that Abraham Lincoln once said. He said "One thing I've noticed in my life is that a man is just as happy as he makes up his mind to be". when I read that, it brought me to a stop, and I contemplated it for a long time. It was profound, and it was true. You have to choose to be happy.

Years later, I asked my grandmother how she was able to be so warm, and glowing with happiness everyday. She told me that every day she chose happiness for herself. I asked her how? what exactly she did she do... and after a bit more background about what she'd gone through in her life, she finally told me that starting at a particular point in her life she began this practice: every morning when she woke up, she sat on the edge of the bed and told herself "today's gonna be a great day...! I'm gonna make it a great day...!" and then she would get up and start her day. She told me she would not get out of bed until she said that, even when initially she didn't so much feel like it. The choice she conciously made everyday of her life to choose happiness is what allowed her to see life with warmth, joy, and happiness, and to handle whatever came along with poise and equanimity...

So that's the secret. I hope you take some time and think about it... and then make your own choice how you want to be in life. I hope you choose to be happy yourself. As the person before said, it's an inside job, and only you can choose.
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