Is happy happier or pleased?

For example,

I'm happy/pleased to announce that our company posted a sharp rise in profit in the first quater. As a result, every employee will be given an extra one month bonus end of the year.

Happy is slightly less formal, but to my ear they suggest the same amount of (mild) rapture. For something so profitable that you are handing out an entire extra month bonus for every employee, you might want to use a stronger word, or at least "very pleased."
Thanks for the reply, Delmobile.

I'm psyched to anounce...
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Way too informal for a business setting.
How about "I'm thrilled/excited to anounce..."?
Thrilled is---oh, I don't know. A little gushy. A teenage girl is thrilled to get front-row seats at the concert of her favorite rock star. Excited might be fine, depending on the atmosphere of the workplace. A young, energetic hands-on kind of boss might say he or she was excited (or even thrilled). A more paternalistic type, all buttoned up in an expensive suit, might want to maintain dignity and a certain distance from the underlings by being only "very pleased" or "extremely pleased." Or even "It gives me great pleasure to be able to announce that..."
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Thanks, GG and Delmobile. I'm learning quite a few new things from your posts, Delmobile. underlings Emotion: smile