Yes , today is November the 20th - vietnamese teacher's day . Today the streets are absolutely crowded . What do teachers and students usually do ? Well , traditionally , Vietnamese students often visit their old teachers , bringing a bunch of flowers or a tiny present . Our teachers always say that the most valuable present and beautiful flowers for them is our improvement : good mark . Yes we will try our best to satisfy them . I'm studying in high school so I often visit my old teachers in primary and secondary schools . Of course they are really happy meeting again their old students after years . And even when we graduate , have a job or get married , we still visit them to express our profound grattitude . Teacher is one of the most respectable jobs in vietnam

By the way , on the occasion of our national Teacher's day , I want to send great thanks to all of you , wonderful volunteer teachers , although we haven't met each other . This is my most colourful bunch of flowers for you.

Have you ever seen such a picture like this ,this is a typical picture of vietnamese teachers in primary school

Thankyou blueclown.
Tell me, do you have enough teachers in Vietnam ? Is teaching very well paid?
Sometimes we have a shortage of teachers in Australia, though not at the moment.

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what a nice and important day! Every country should have it as teachers are very important in one's life, beginning from the children till adults.

happy teacher's day!
Both of my parents are teachers , my mom is an English teacher and my dad is a math teacher . Actually , teacher is a respectable job but not a well-paid job , both of my parents have to teach in extra classes besides their main classes . Next year my dad will retire and we are little bit worried because there will be my mom who can work . The lowest salary for teacher is about 20 to 30 dollars per month .
thank you....

tomorrow is teacher's day...

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Happy Vietnamese teacher's Day to your parents!!! My Dad &Mom are also teachers, but they are primary teachers. I'm so proud of my parents.