I'm looking for a word that has this meaning and collocates with culture. Here's the sentence (mind you, I did not write this, I am not responsible for its contents:Emotion: smile )

''The spirit of Croatian language classes cannot be programmed, it should be harboured/fostered, because ''harbouring/fostering/?'' is what the word suggests: culture''

As you can see this word has to associate to culture, it has to suggest culture. Thank you

? Cultivated?
deleted to avoid overkill
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deleted to avoid overkill
Hi Dita,

Please start a new thread to increase the possibility of receiving an answer to your question. Thanks.
Dear Antonia,

I googled "fostered culture" and "harboured culture" seperately, while there were 84 results for the first collocation, there was only one for the second. Good luck.
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I would like to start new thread but I do not know how.
thank you a lot I found it and start a new thread.

\have a nice day and sorry for everything.
Iam here the first time

Thank you MM, Dhita and LL!!

Mister Micawber, I didn't know that cultivated can be used in other context not only in agriculture, but when you say so, I believe you.
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