The energy of television has a lot to do with its ability, at the touch of a remote control, to make extraordinary hard cuts from Daffy Duck on the Disney Channel to a preacher telling the congregation they're going to go to hell....
Channel-hopping, if we were really sane, would be much more upsetting than we let it be.

1. Hard cuts - I think it refers to an extraordinary changes we make when we take a remote control and hop between different channels, fairy-tales, horror movies, news, wars.....

2. I guess the second sentence says that if people weren't as "crazy" as they are such channel-hopping and seeing all this stuff at one time would "piss them off" much more than than it does now.
I suspected "hard cut" might be a technical film term, so I looked it up and it is. From Wikipedia:

Abrupt Transitions - This is a sudden transition from one shot to another, i. e. one frame belongs to the first shot, the next frame belongs to the second shot. They are be also known as hard cuts or simply cuts.
"...if we were really sane... would be much more upsetting..." My impression here is not that we should be more angry about the "hard cuts," but simply that they would strike us as so peculiar as to be disorienting - like for example, if the wallpaper in the dining room kept changing from one pattern to another.
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So it says, that if people were, I don't know, "more sensitive" or "paying more attention" (sane) to such "hard cuts" it would be more disorienting to them than it is now?
If we weren't so inured to them.
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