I have been going crazy over this riddle. Someone help please!!!

What is it?

You pick it up,

You look for it,

You find it,

You throw it away,

Then you pick it up again.
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Can it be a kind of fruit?
HI ALL , Emotion: big smile

I THINK IT IS THE BALLEmotion: football

Orange flower
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can it be boumerang ????Emotion: whisper
How about words?
I posted this riddle a few days ago. i still havent got the answer. i was given a hint though. apparently you dont have to pick IT up with your hands.

still hasnt helped though
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Is the answer "IT"? Emotion: big smile
No, I dont think so. I got the impression that 'IT' is something... just dont know what.

Ive thought it might be a knitting stich, but apparently you drop one of those, not throw it away.

So im still trying to figure it out
Sounds about like how I play golf!
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