After my Anatomy and Physiology final, our teacher gave us a paper with riddles on it to do for fun. I have asked MANY people, and no one can figure it out. I figured all of the others out quite quickly and on my own, but this one has stumped me. It goes like this:

The other day, I heard the following conversation:
"Charles is related to you the same way I am to your son."
"And you are related to me in the same way Charles is to you."

How are Charles and the second man related?

All I know is that it has a legitamate answer (it's not "they aren't" or "they're friends".)

Anyone care to take a shot at it?
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step cousins
i thnk it all goes back to adam and eve with the whole relation thing.
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Charles is the 2nd man's son
thts hard i thought charles and the man were brothers but nope they are not i have no idea good luck with tht 1
Charles is the the narrator's father and charles is the narrator's son.
I've heard this riddle before in a more simple format.
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there brothers
Maybe they are all related by marriage (i.e. two people get married which makes Charles and someone related like in laws but makes the son and someone related in another way but regardless they are all relatd by the marriage). So, none of them have to be related in the same way (i.e. not all cousins etc.) bu trather they are all still related in the same way (i.e. same manner) by marriage.

hope this is fine.

i neeeeeeeeeeeed the answer. don't make it seem like there is an answer when there is none.

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