Omg have any1 of u guys read omar tyree's books.i love his books i have almost read every 1 of them. Just say no is my favorite book and flyy girl is second..
anyway if u haven't read his books what's ur favorite book or auther.

flyy girl
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Hi! Unfortunately I haven't read Omar Tyree's books, but I've paid attention to your recommendation! My favorite books're Dostoevsky's "The Brothers Karamazov"; John Steinbeck's "The Winter of Our Discontent"; "The Trial" by Franz Kafka.
Do you love Kafka's books?
no basil i haven't read kafka's books.maybe i check them out.usually the books i read is based on true story.,those kind of books is interesting to read..
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Does it mean that Omar Tyree is a realistic prose writer? What kind of literature is he writing?
yeah some of his books are..If u read this book just say no what he's telling in this book is how the celebrities are living their lifes and all the wrong things they do..
Is "Just say no" the title of his book, in which celebrities' sins were being described? By the way who these celebrities are? (I mean their names.)
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yeah that's the title of the book.I don't know who the celebrities were but i heard that they used to be famous.
yea, i read flyy girl and im anxious to find out what happen to Tracy Ellison,Victor, Rahemma, TImmy and her other friends. DO n e 1 have n e answers?

I hace only read one of his books well actually i jusfinished it FLYY GIRL that book was the bomb i cant wait to start the other on today....
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