Hi All,

May i know which is one is correct ?

1) She has done a good job.
2) She have done a good job.

Thanks for the help.
Singular subject -> singular verb

Plural subject -> plural verbEmotion: smile
you should choose the item 1.

she and he + has,
you and I
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I don't think I would agree with the above post.

She and he have done a good job, would be:

-They have done a good job.

but he has done a good job and she has done a good job. They both have done a good job.

Hope it helps.
I think the previous poster means ' she OR he 'Emotion: smile Just a typo made
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yeah, that's my first thought. " she OR he " is right.
thank you. ^_^

Subjective Pronouns:

1st and 2nd person singular=I /you- "have".

3rd person singular= she/he/ it- "has".

1st, 2nd and 3rd person plural= we/you/they- "have".

So, it would be, "She "has" done a good job" and "They "have" done a good job".