how to use has,had,have in different sentences

please clarify
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has and have similar, they changes to person. for example i have a new car or she has a new car

when we are third person we use has, when we are first, second and they person we use have

they have many houses. do you have enough time to talk? she has a brother.

in addition had is past form of have/has. they have many houses (present) they had many houses (past)
First person - I ??

Second Person He,she???

Third Person They ???

Am i right Mr.Yunus.

Best Regards

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first person i

second person you

third person he/she/it

using of these is below

i have

you have

she/he/it has

we have

you have

they have
Modal verb: I have to study Grammar all the time.

Present perfect: I have been in Dalat for twenty years. She has been..........

Present perfect continuous: I have been eating She has been eating.

Causative: I have my car serviced

If -clause; If I have time, I'll go with you

If I had time , I would go with you

If I had gone by car, I would have saved time

Bare infinitive: Let's have a look about your translation

Infinitive: I try to have a good pronunciation

Imperative; Have a nice day

And a lot of kinds of sentences such as It's isn't necessary that she have a lot of advices to him,. you needn't have gone to the office yesterday.....

Phuong ninh
Thanks for the clarification.

I have another doubt.

can i ask someone " is that gone ? " or "whether that is gone "

which one is correct ?

M/s XXX has despatched the items relating to the PO11234.

is there any alternate word ( relating ) to replace in the above sentence ?
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i think it should be "M/s *** has despatched the items related to PO11234."

i'm not really good in english.. i just tried if it is correct ^_^
Please tell me what are has/had/have and where we use it

Have you read the earlier posts in this thread, which answered the question you are asking?

It's better to read a thread before you add to it.Emotion: smile

Best wishes, Clive
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