I often have trouble knowing when to use have or has in sentences and when speaking. What is the rule for using has or have. When is it appropriate to use have and when is it appropriate to use has?
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hi, what about this?
"have anyone heard of.." or "has anyone heard of..."
Anonymous"have anyone heard of.." or "has anyone heard of..."

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everybody in the office have or has a computer
Does everybody have a computer? Yes, everybody has one.
I can see that no one has answered this, at least not properly. A couple of posts make the question seem foolish, which it isn't. As far as I can tell, there is no rule to has or have, which is what you should be asking about. Anything that applies to have or has will, of course, apply to haven't or hasn't. It seems that has/hasn't is used with the third person pronouns: she, he and it.
Have/haven't is used with a combination of pronouns: I, you, they, we.

I always advise my students to not get into a bind with English. Yes, this has/have thing is confusing but, since we have something like a million words at our disposal, you can always switch things around to say the same thing differently. If you're not sure of how something should be phrased, take a stab at saying it another way. This is more difficult in conversation, of course.
I hope this helps. There is no rule, per se. Then again, there are only seven pronouns (that I can think of now!).
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How to use if in the case of "The corrections have/has been made"?

I am using 'has', is that right?
"The corrections have/has been made."