I often have trouble knowing when to use have or has in sentences and when speaking. What is the rule for using has or have. When is it appropriate to use have and when is it appropriate to use has?
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i have gone

This is OK, but you need a capital letter and a period.Emotion: smile

I have two cars -in this context, "have" is a verb which means to be in possession of .
I have known John for 10 years. -"have" is a a modal word which helped the verb "known" to form present perfect tense.

She has a good job- being possessive of
She has done a good job. - she accomplished something well.
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Look up pronouns, they can be very complecated and there is a lot of rules, but it is what you are dealing with.
Emotion: angry i stress on them too.
i have scheduled a shipment
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I have scheduled a shipment.

Could I ask for your help in this example

The company has/have to record and report back on all transactions.

In this example is the company a singular or plural?


If you are thinking of the company as an organization, say 'has'. if you are thinking of it as a group of people, say 'have'.

Best wishes, Clive
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My friend is john brown. he has a nice house. i do not have nice house.
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