I often have trouble knowing when to use have or has in sentences and when speaking. What is the rule for using has or have. When is it appropriate to use have and when is it appropriate to use has?
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I was sending an email to my HOD when my lawyer requested to pass a msg:

I wrote in the email: Sam has a meeting in the morning with XXX and will be at the office by 12:30 pm.

but after sending I was confused wther sam has or sam have? Please help me!

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'Sam' is singular.
What about the sentenses using "and" or "or", such as:

If you or your staff (have or has) any questions, then please contact me.

then which do you use?


The answer is "has"- because the subject is singular. It refers only to either "you" or "your staff".
Now, if your subject is " you and your staff" instead of "you or your staff", the correct verb to use is "have".


If you or your staff ( has) any questions, then please contact me.

If you and your staff (have ) any questions, then please contact me.
Just a note: While "staff" may be singular to you, and it usually is to me, it's one of those nouns that can take a plural if you are thinking about the staff as a collection of individuals.
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I don't know any educated American who would say "the police has." It should always be "the police have."
Greetings from Portugal,

I'm having a doubt with the use of "Have" and "Has".

when we're referring to a country, which should we use??

example: "China has/have the world's largest population"

thank you very much in advance
I would not use a plural noun when referring to a country:

"China has the world's largest population."
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how about
All personal have/has to submit the forms.

as for everyone? shall use have or has?

Thanks a lot
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