I often have trouble knowing when to use have or has in sentences and when speaking. What is the rule for using has or have. When is it appropriate to use have and when is it appropriate to use has?
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Is there any point in answering this question?
Is there a reason to think you'll read this answer, when you didn't read the five pages before this one?
biodegradable and biocompatible polymers have or has increased the versatiity
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A plural subject requires a plural verb.
What about with the use of collective nouns. I struggling with..

A group of tourists was/were killed.

I guess using 'was' would refer to the group and 'were' would refer to the tourists. So which to use?

Thanks in advance.
Are you thinking of them as one group, or as individual people? You choose.

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As a group or body of people. So would that make it singular and therefore - A group of tourists was killed? Which to me sounds a bit odd...?
If it seems that way to you, then say 'were'.

Thanks v. much for your response, but could you possibly explain why that is? (I know the English language is difficult to explain!!)

Because I would use 'was' with a singular noun - a group

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When we use some words, we can be thinking of a single group or the number of individuals that the group consists of.

eg 'team, 'government'.

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