Hi I am confused with the use of Has or Have with the word Government. I have seen both beeing used but not sure which one is correct.

Government has/have?

Governments have/has?

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As far as I know, both "has" and "have" are acceptable, depending on whether you treat "Government" as a singular noun or as a plural one. When you think of the Government as a single entity, something integrated and indivisible, then it is singular: The US government has a new website.

If you refer to the Government as a group of individuals, a number of independent members, not consituting a unity, then probably it's a good idea to use it with a plural verb: The Government still have opposing views on the bill.

My rule of the thumb is: When you can replace "the Government" with "the members of the Government", use a plural verb. Otherwise, use a singular one.
Government has ....

Governments have ....

But speaking of a particular government, you will find these:

The government has .... AmE

The government have ... BrE