a boy is taking off his hat and a girl says 'wow, you have hat head' ! what is the meaning of "hat head"? thank you
a head that looks good when there is a hat on it!


I believe it means that his hat has pressed all his hair down, so that his head looks funny.

What do I do about ‘hat head’?

Assemble the following items shampoo, water, duct tape and a vacuum cleaner... Just kidding! Hat head is a fact of life in the world of hats. Sometimes you can arrange your hair so it can be fluffed up when you take the hat off. Everyone’s hair is different and everyone has a different method of refurbishing their hair style. You get to know your own do’s and don’ts through the experience of wearing a hat. The upside to ‘hat head’ is that hats are the ultimate answer for bad hair days and with enough hats you can stretch out a bad hair day into a bad hair week and none would be the wiser

excerpted from http://www.ediehats.com/library/faq.html

Best wishes, Clive
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Excellent, Clive! I hadn't thought of that meaning.

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