There are three men walking in a straight line. As they walk along they see a hat seller who has 5 hats - three of them are white and two of them are black in color. As they cross the hat seller -he just randomly tosses 3 hats and it lands exactly on their heads. The last among the three men tells out loud that he does not know which color hat had landed on him. The man in the middle also replies in negation. Hearing this the man in the front exclaims 'Now I know the color of my hat'..

Can you tell me the color and explain how.

Ofcourse this puzzle runs on the assumption that they can't see the color of their own hats.And they just look in the front and cannot turn behind to inspect anything.
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The manager got 25 dollars

The bell hop has 2 dollars

The men each have a dollar adding up to 3 dollars


They throw you off when the say they each had paid 9 dollars adding up to 27 dollars