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Hello, guys! Why did I say so: "drug"? Becouse I mean I feel an strong attraction to sports, I can't live without move!
And I agree with Adomi, it's great. :-))
People on the move.
i dont much sports than before, i prefer using a computer to any others
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That's bad of you... Emotion: stick out tongue
I think ,we all like sports but the question. Are we practice it or not?

I love watching football .. and swimming

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I love watching football matches throughout the world. I am a keen fan of it.
I love sports. It's the purpose and the meaning of my life. It's like an oxigen to me, no sport means no life for me. At least that's what i think about sports!!!
I go swimming ones times a week. I think is't good for my health.
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Winter.. Damn damn damn... I can't play basketball until spring... Emotion: sad
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