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i agree with u:)
I like some sports but others don't like:( I think that some sports are very fun but others I would like to watch or not watch( hihiii)

I love Tennis and I played basketball for 5 years because of this I generaly watch NBA:) I like ıverson:))It's funny to watch them who are NBA basketball players.

so I mean I love:)

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love sports!

particulary football.cause im turkish boy!

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Emotion: winkturkish guys especially like basketball in adana...
There are somthings i love it at frist and hate it at end.
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It would be better to specify the kind of sports, because we have lot of them.

It can be funny, I live in a soccer country, but I definitely hate soccer. It doens't matter wich country will win The Cup of the World for me. But I love swimming, cycling, tennis, walking, etc. I don't like to watch any kind of sports - I just like to practice.

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Posted: Sep 14, 12:40 PM [GMT 1]
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Do you hate sports or love sports?
Without Sports you are no where!!
I love sports

I love sport!I adore international competitions (Olympics,soccer World cup,rugby 6 nations..) where countries challenge each other!

And,of course,I like to practise it!Swimming,waterpolo,ski,tennis..I enjoy so much myself playing these sports! Emotion: big smile
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TheChosenOneWithout Sports you are no where!!
Hmmm....That's an arguable statement.
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