Do you hate sports or love sports?
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I love sports. I prefer to play sport than watch it. I especially love world competitions like the FIFA world cup or the Olympics where countries compete against each other.
I do not love or hate sport in general. I love some sports, I like others and dislike some.
Some sports are fun to play others are better to watch and the other way around.
I love watching Australian rules Footy, as I do soccer and both are also fun to play.
I enjoy swimming and love to watch it.
Basketball is fun to watch but I do not enjoy playing it.
Cricket has to be the most boring sport to watch but backyard cricket is aways fun.
Golf, boxing and bowles are also boring to watch.
Rugby is a sport I have tried to understand and enjoy but I just can't, it looks similar to the American Football.

I think sport is a wonderful thing, because it can show humanbeings at our best and has the potential to bring us together.
Hmmm, so I guess that means I love it.

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I love them...
I Love sports, I'm totally into it. But I rather be on the field/court than on the bench.
I think everybody would... =)
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Yes, I love sports. It's style of my life. I like different kinds of sports, but especially football, mountainbike and swimming. And I feel sports became for me as drug! I don't know it's well or bad...
If they became a drug I don't think it to be a good thing... Emotion: big smile
GrifonAnd I feel sports became for me as drug! I don't know it's well or bad...
Thank God we can't swallow sports or "inject" it into our blood. Emotion: smile
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