But I don't want to hate on Mankiw. I think that the book could have been more properly balanced with other ideas. Mankiw could have really out done himself if he would have supplied a book that had his approach, somewhat governmental, and another approach that lets market forces take over the economy and promotes less government intervention. But that is just wishful thinking. All in all, the book does have its highlites, such as: easy to read, easy to understand, well laid out, and the fact that hopefully Mankiw will be busy and come out with a second edition to make this one really cheap. So therefore, despite its inherent downfall due to Mankiw's economic philosophy, I give four stars, and would recommend it to anyone who might be interested in macroeconomics or wants to expand their library.


Above is a review on Mankiw's macroeconomics book.

In the passage, what does "hate on" mean?

Does it simply mean "hate" or does it have other meaning?

What is the difference between "hate somethng" and "hate on something"?
I think hate on may be slang for criticize or demean.
I don't use that idiom. It seems non-standard to me.
Thanks, Jim!!!