Hi teachers,
Could you possibly help me understand when "hate" and "would hate" are used:

I hate to interrupt ,but it's time I left
I would hate you to think I didn't appreciate what you have done.
I'd hate to think my job would not be secure if I left it temporarily.

Thank you in advance
Your examples seem to show that you understand it well.

In simple present you actually feel the hate and do the deed. I hate to embarrass you like this. Since hate can have some duration, you could use present continuous. I'm hating every minute of this.

In simple past, I hated taking the toy away from him, but he needed to get some sleep.

When you add the "would," it always seems to be a conditional situation. If I were to lose you, I would hate it. I'd hate to lose you.

- A.
Thank you Avangi