Oh, Francesca is leaving us for a couple of days!
Well, just want to wish you to have a good journey and although you are travelling because of work, enjoy it, have fun, go shopping and so on!

We will miss you:), will you miss us?:P

I told you I would write something for you and here I am!:)
Emotion: surprise Thank you very much for this kind thought Emotion: embarrassed

I'm going to a Marine Protected Area in the North of Sardinia, finally something interesting on my way! As you know my job is about marine ecosystems and lagoons, and I can find both there, sea and lagoons Emotion: big smile

See you on Monday, maybe I will show you some pics Emotion: wink
Francescamaybe I will show you some pics Emotion: wink
Maybe?!?:O It's a must!:D

You must show me those pics..Fran! And remember what I once told you, ok?:P
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Oh, I thought you were already leaving for the US...
Well, you are going to Sardinia then... (Sardinia? "in Sardegna" suona meglio Emotion: wink). It's a nice place, there's no doubt about that. Well, have fun! Emotion: smile And don't worry, you don't need to talk in English in Sardegna.

PS: notice that Pucca said "enjoy, have fun and.... go shopping!" Even if you told her "I'm going to Mars" she would still say "enjoy and... go shopping!" LOL Emotion: stick out tongue
loooool..Kooyeen! Right, right, right!:) What is more important than that? (kidding;) ) Nah, in Mars I would tell Fran to bring something since there are no shops there!:D
LOL...she is an addicted to shopping, nobody can't help her Emotion: big smile

Anyway Kooyeen, I will be in Boston in May, I still have time ..and yes, Sardegna sounds much better, you're right ..hehe
KooyeenWell And don't worry, you don't need to talk in English in Sardegna.

you're wrong my dear, didn't you know there's an important International Marine Biology Centre there? They just speak English over there Emotion: big smile I can't wait to visit that!
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OK, practice your English and then, teach us!:P

No one can help me..neither I can help myself! And I don't want!:P It's such a wonderful world!:)