my teacher says if I dreamt in English that sign that I have a good level of this language.

There's a story about a teacher who told his students? You know you're making progress in English when you speak in English, think in English, and dream in English. One day a student came into the class very excited and said, "Teacher, Teacher, last night I dreamt in English." The teacher said, "That's wonderful. What did you dream about?" And the student said, "I don't know, it was in English"
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Hey..ahah Emotion: big smile The last part of your post was very funny!

Speaking english in my dreams has happened to me very often and I have to say that speaking english while you're sleeping is surprisingly easier!!! By the way I don't think I have a good level of this language, despite your teacher said that!
Hi smiles

Actually, I don't believe in this idea completely but i am convinced that it makes sense .

Dreams usually come out from our life and its circumstances whether they are critical or not, sometimes the person would have miserable life and nothing ever in his\her life is motivated . As a result , this person will have frightening and bad dreams, and rarely have vivid dreams .

But not only the circumstances in life affect our dreams but also what we dream of , for example :

Someone dreams of running his\her own business , so his\her dreams will be affected by that.

So when you study alot English [ as a second language ] and think alot about it in terms of : reading , speaking , writing and listening , for sure you will have a few dreams in english .

But i just want to add something , you are not supposed to have dreams in English when you have achieved alot , but that means that you think alot about it and study hard [ as Francesca mentioned above ] .

With Regards
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I have almost every night dreams in English! It is because I do so much listening, reading, writing, and speaking of course. And the funny thing is you can speak very fluently and good English in your dreams! Emotion: big smile
But it is kinda scary, though.. You may forget your own language! Emotion: stick out tongue
Had my first dream in English a week ago or so, I was so glad. Indeed, I try to think most of the day in English, though my subconscious seems to be Spanish, so when something annoys me very much there's the spanish part of me that thinks some insult or some imprecation in Spanish. So, I felt frustrated that my dreams were still in Spanish, but now I suppose I've advanced a step further
But it is kinda scary, though.. You may forget your own language!
Indeed, it has happened to me that in the course of a conversation I have slipped in some word in English, so it's really embarrassing, it usually happens when I'm speaking in Catalan with other people.
Haha, sounds funny, but it exists. One of my university roomates told me that the other roomate spoke English in dream. I was surprised. Bout think it for a few minites. I found it made sense. The teacher tells us, the dream reflect the real life. That roomate studied hard for English. She tried to seize every minites to practice. She concentred too much, then this kind of concentration reflect in dream.
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I think that I have never dreamed in English. I don't no this exactly because often when I wake up I don't remember me what I have dreamed.

Gruß Alex
Hello everybody,

The best way to know how to speak in english is think in english, you must think in english.

years ago, I dream do speak in language is so hate her, meanwhile talking with the president country ....i remember that always,

so now very deamly talking is people talker english everyday or anywhere, i'm dream talking

thanks all
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