As the topic above , Have you ever see "5555" from your Thai friend chat ?

Do you know the meaning ?
5555 = lol = ha ha ha ha ha. (the number 5 is pronounced ha in thai)
Exactly the opposite in China. If a person played in the stock market and lost 80% of his money in less than a year, he'd add "55555555" to his description. Which means the sound of crying, pronounced as [wu:]. This phenomenan is rather common in some sites about stock markets in China, after they have just dropped from the record high of 6000 to 1600 points or so.
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I just read 5 is pronounced as ha in thai, so 5555 should be hahahaha then.
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kanompakkadHave you ever see "5555" from your Thai friend chat ?
Have you ever SEEN "555" from your....
Thanks ka T _ T

i forgot that Past perfect tense = has/have + V3
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Hi ..

Also in United Arab Emirates .. it's mean

5555555555 = looooooool = hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

and we read it like " kh "
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55555 = Emotion: big smile

Number "5" in thai language is call "Ha " ...so we use "5555" instead for ha ha ha ha
, laugh sound ^^

sometime I forgot about my foreigner friend dont't know in this meaning ..and I typed 555 to my friend and he don't understand me too... 5555 Emotion: big smile

I don't know what's that stands for to a Thai friend. but in chinese, sometimes , it's a kind of discreption of crying
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