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QuartttHave you ever worked abroad during holiday?like pick grapes in France and so on.
No... But I'm thinking of doing it this summer in London... Emotion: wink

what kind of jobs are you going to take there?how are you going to find one?
Robyn TerriYou will need to get a working visa or student visa to work here in Australia. I have met quite a few Chinese who are here in Perth on 12 month student visa's to improve their English. Work is not hard to get if your English is fairly good. If your English is poor than you will only get manual work.

The best thing is if you can live with an Australian family, then you will learn English quickly. Most Chinese I have met live in shared housing with other overseas students. This is cheap, but does not help their English much and they do not get to see much of the place or learn of our culture.

robyn, I'm a student from hangzhou China, what you say above makes me feel that you're such a friendly people.you said you like our Western style life, maybe I can help you know more about this. On the other hand, I'm so interesting in Australia,so I'll be very glad to make friends with you that I can learn more about your country! I'm sorry that my English is very pool! You can email me with:

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Emotion: smile

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I dont have the experince of working abroad during holiday. If got chance, i really like to have a try. How amazing that is can know others life and cultures more deeply!