Can you tell me (the rules) when to use the following in a sentence as I got confused and the grammer book that I refer to fail to explain the rules.

Have: I "have eaten" my dinner.
Has: She "has eaten" her dinner.
Had: She "had eaten" her dinner
Has had/ have had: She "has had" many years of experience.

I'll be most grateful if you can give me some examples and the rules governing the use of the above.
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If you have already slept then only 'I had a sleep' is correct.

If you are going to sleep in the future then only 'I am going to have a sleep' is correct.

If you are asleep in the present - then you can't talk!Emotion: big smile
Since "have" is in the present tense, "I have a sleep" would mean that you have sleep right now at this very moment. It is unlikely that you could consciously say that if you were sleeping at that same moment.
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Regardless of whether one is able to speak, "I have a sleep" it not right. I am asleep. I am sleeping. You might take a nap, but you do not have a sleep.

had a sleep. = is correct, right? what about.... I have a sleep? is it still right?

Both expressions are OK, just a little colloquial, informal.

You would typically say something like this.

I had a sleep yesterday on the plane. This refers to a point in the past.

I have a sleep every time I travel on a plane. This describes your habit or routine.

Best wishes, Clive
I had a sleep is BE, I think. AE speakers have a nap.
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I would say something like 'I had a good sleep last night'. Emotion: yawn

What would you say in AmE? Perhaps 'I slept well last night'? That sounds a touch formal to me.

I will have a sleep.

You can't really be talking if you are sleeping : ]
would say something like 'I had a good sleep last night'.

What would you say in AmE?

Sorry, I never saw this until just now. We'd say "I had a good night's sleep."

So in BrE, you "have a sleep," it appears. Another new one for me.
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thank you for demonstration about has,have and had.now i have clarified my doubt. but i have another doubt that is, i have red many times in the newspapers they are using the word called "THOUGH". i want use the same word in my conversation so please anyone tell me that how can we use the word with examples
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